The Toshiba Excite – My Favorite Kitchen Gadget

Toshiba Excite

I know there are a lot of great uses for tablets, but whenever I’ve thought about how I would use one, it has always been in the kitchen. For me, tablets and kitchens are a perfect fit.

A few weeks ago, Toshiba Canada has given me the opportunity to try their new Excite 10 LE Tablet in my kitchen and in a few short weeks, it has become my favourite kitchen tool!

First Impressions

Toshiba Excite

First, let me say, this is one beautiful tablet. It is ultra-thin, ultra-light and ultra-pretty! It looks great in my kitchen and it almost disappears when you look at it from the side as it’s so thin.

Toshiba Excite Back

Check out the back of this tablet. I believe it is brushed magnesium alloy but I just call it very elegant (and really finger-print proof, I might add). The Toshiba Excite tablet has a 10-inch screen which I found to be the ideal size to enjoy my favourite food websites and videos. This tablet is not only really good looking, but it’s sturdy and durable while being thin and light. A winning combination for a kitchen tablet!

All my recipes at my fingertips

evernote.jpgBut of course, a tablet in the kitchen has to do more than look good to earn it’s place. For me, that means having all my favourite recipes at my fingertips. I was thrilled when I first turned on the tablet to find Evernote already installed and on the home screen. Evernote is the heart of my personal recipe management system. Using Evernote, I can manually enter family recipes, or clip recipes from any website, categorize and tag them and then access them from any computer or phone, or even off-line via their desktop app. With the Evernote Android app already installed on the Toshiba Excite tablet, I was all ready to go.


Here is my Evernote, loaded up on the tablet (It looks so much better in person! It’s not ideal taking a flash photo of a screen.). This is calendar view, which shows the recipes I have saved in March 2012. Tapping on any box will bring up the saved recipe so I can start cooking. I can also tap on any of the tags on the left to find recipes tagged with the various keywords.

I will certainly not miss dragging my laptop into the kitchen or having to print a recipe just to have it handy in the kitchen to follow a recipe!

Other food and cooking Android Apps

Beyond having my recipes handy to where I’m cooking, there are a ton of other food and cooking apps that are available in the Android Marketplace to install on this Toshiba tablet to add to my recipe library or to help in the kitchen. Here are some that I have installed already to help in the kitchen.

epiIconDet.jpg Epicurious Android App (Free) – Search over 30,000 food and drink recipes from Bon Apetit, Gourmet and more, many with step-by-step instructions to follow as you cook. This is one of my favourite recipe destinations.

unnamed.png All Recipes Dinner Spinner Android App (Free) – Not sure what to make for dinner? Use this app to search over 40,000 recipes based on the type of dish you’re looking for (appetizers, side dishes, main dish, etc) or by entering the ingredients from your pantry or fridge you have to work with. You can also search for a recipe based on how much time you have too get dinner on the table using the apps “Ready In” feature.

bigoven.pngBig Oven Android App (Free) – 170,000+ recipes (including the ability to add your own) and grocery list creation, as well.

cheftap.pngChef Tap Android App (Free) – ChefTap allows you to automatically import your favorite recipes from any web site or blog, without copying and pasting. Find recipes on any English language web page. With ChefTap, you’re no longer limited to the major corporate recipe sites. Have a favorite food blog? No problem! ChefTap will import those recipes too and give you a link to the original post in case you want to refer back to it. See a recipe you like on Pinterest? Just follow the link and share the web page with ChefTap, we’ll take care of the rest.

spark.pngSpark Recipes Healthy Recipes Android App (Free) – thousands of light and healthy recipes right at your finger tips.

More than recipes

Beyond access to hundreds of thousands of recipes now at my fingertips, there are dozens of other “kitchen helper” Android apps that can be installed on this tablet, such as cooking timers, conversion tools, substitution suggestions, meat roasting time guides and more. I’ve collected all my food and cooking apps onto one home screen and I’ve also made some bookmarks to some of my favourite food sites.


Kindle for e-book cookbooks and YouTube for cooking how-to videos

It used to be that when I wanted to cook something, I’d grab a cookbook, put it on the counter and cook away. More and more, most of the recipes I cook from come from the internet or increasingly, from digital cookbooks – e-books. The Toshiba tablet comes with the Kindle Android app pre-installed, so I was ready to access my library of e-book cookbooks. I can also subscribe to my favourite cooking magazines through Kindle and have ready access to them on my kitchen tablet.


Also pre-installed was the YouTube App, perfect to watch how-to cooking videos and follow along while I cook. There are thousands of how-to cooking videos on YouTube and they play perfectly on the Toshiba tablet. I can easily pause and re-start the videos, as well. (I use a stylus to keep my messy hands of the screen and it works perfectly).


Take pictures of your culinary creations

The Toshiba Excite tablet comes with not one but two cameras. The rear camera is 5MP and perfect for taking pictures or video (in 1080p) of your kitchen creations to share with friends or family or to post to Twitter, Facebook or a Food Blog. The front camera is a 2MP webcam with integrated mic, that makes it ideal for recording your own cooking videos to share.


I have been using the Toshiba Excite tablet in my kitchen for a couple of weeks now and I can honestly say, I don’t know how I cooked without it! I love having access to all my recipes and cooking tools right from my counter top. I love how beautiful the tablet looks on my counter top. I love how beautiful the food pictures and videos look on the high resolution screen of the Toshiba tablet.


Here’s the first thing I baked with my tablet in the kitchen!

There are a lot of tablets out there, but there are a lot of reasons to recommend the Toshiba Excite tablet. It’s a really good looking tablet (I think I’ve said that already, but it really is!). I really like the Android operating system and the thousands of apps available for it. The Toshiba Excite also makes it easy transfer data (photos, recipes files etc) via the microSD slot and can connect easily to other devices via Bluetooth or my home network via WiFi.

I’d certainly encourage anyone looking for a tablet for their own kitchen to consider this one. You can find out more here:

Toshiba Canada Website
Toshiba Canada on Twitter
Toshiba Canada on Facebook

I would like to thank Toshiba Canada for giving me the opportunity to try the new Excite 10 LE Tablet in my kitchen. It is a beautifully designed tablet that really delivers in performance, as well. It has been a great addition to my kitchen and it has indeed become my favourite kitchen tool!

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