Brownie in a Mug

mug brownie

Looking for a really quick chocolate fix? It doesn’t get much quicker than this and what’s more … it’s actually pretty good (for a brownie that cooks in a microwave and is ready to eat in only a couple of minutes!).


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  1. I’ve tried a few mug cakes before and didn’t care for the results. I’m happy to say this turned out exactly as I hoped. it was dense, rich, but not -too- sweet. We used the recipe without the baking powder and used whey in place of water. We cooked it for one minute and the center was tasty too. The only thing I’d do differently is next time is take your suggestion and use powdered sugar instead of granulated. Mine gave it a somewhat grainy texture but it was still very good!
    Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Wow! This tastes really, really, REALLY nice!

  3. wow, this is amazing!
    i put it in for an extra 20 seconds because i didn’t want the gooey center, and it worked! it’s just like a real brownie!
    now i’m going to top it with ice cream (:

  4. Always happy to help someone get their fix! (Glad I’m not the only one who has these chocolate emergencies :)

  5. heehee. I found this after searching for “quick chocolate fix”. This was perfect!! I had a small amount of chocolate I really wanted to use, but hardly any flour-what was a girl to do?!
    This was amazing. Start to finish in three minutes and now I am full and oh so satisfied.
    Very much adding this to my recipe collection! Thanks!

  6. I’ve had this for a while, and find that i prefer it with one large egg in place of the baking powder. It is light and spongy. I also found that a cereal bowl allows for better mixing than a mug; just make sure it is ceramic or microwave safe!

  7. Just made this, it may only be small but I feel like I’ve eaten a whole cake!! Haha I can’t move!! Enjoyable non the less!!
    Thanks Jen!!
    I know what you mean, Fiona! Glad you liked it :) – Jen

  8. ooo I can’t wait to make this, what a great idea! Perfect quick fix!

  9. I know, Carrie. I felt the same way. My need for chocolate occurs so often that only the time it takes to make something gets in the way. Now I don’t even have that ;)

  10. Wow. My waist line didn’t really need this information! LOL. Great post!

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