Cowboy Cookies

cowboy cookies

I have no idea why they call these cowboy cookies (anyone? Bueller?) I did google it and discovered all manner of cookies called cowboy cookies, each with a different set of ingredients. The one thing they all seemed to have in common though, was that they contain a veritable kitchen sink of ingredients.


This variation of cowboy cookies is no different then, as it combines oats, Corn Flakes, raisins and chocolate chips. The result is a flavourful cookie that is filling, crunchy, chewy and satisfying. And they’re not super sweet either (which I appreciate). If the fact that my daughter ate 3 of them in a row is any indication, they are pretty kid-friendly as well!

Adapted from a Canadian Living April 2010 recipe

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  1. Hi Linda, yes … I imagine there are many names for these cookies. I think the Compost Cookies are the latest. I love them as a way to get rid of odds and ends in my pantry!

  2. I have a similar recipe that I received as Buffalo Chip Cookies.
    Another similar one was Schoolhouse cookies. May have been sturdy enough to survive a lunch bag to school.

  3. Glad you enjoyed them Carolynn!

  4. Finally, a cookie that has hit the right combo for my tastes…scrumptious!

  5. Thanks Maria. They’ve been popular since I baked them up yesterday . Only a few left! (Which I always consider great recommendation for any recipe :)

  6. I love a good hearty cookie. these look wonderful

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