Beef Skewers with Horseradish Sauce

beef skewers

I made this dish a while back but never got around to writing about it, but it’s on the menu again for tonight, so I won’t miss sharing it this time!

The suggested presentation of this dish is lovely, with the marinated beef threaded onto rosemary stalks and then grilled. I would highly suggest it if you have the time and patience or if you are entertaining. I was looking to make this dish a little simpler for a quick and easy family dinner, so I like to simply grill the beef on skewers and then tuck a bit of rosemary in afterwards. The flavour of the beef skewers is great (and tender) and the horseradish sauce is terrific.

The last time we made these, I didn’t have a grill pan but I recently picked up one (a cast iron one from Ikea that was inexpensive and a great size). I have a glass-top stove, so it wasn’t easy to find one that was flat on the bottom but this one works perfectly (as long as you don’t drag it around which might scratch the surface). I use it for all kinds of things but especially enjoy making panini sandwiches with it (I bought a cast iron press as well, but you could easily use the bottom of another cast iron frying pan for the same effect).

Anyway, back to these skewers … here is my adaptation of the original recipe.

Adapted from Oui, Chef recipe via Food52 | Photo

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