Chewy Chocolate Brownies


My daughter is not good for my waistline. Seems she has inherited my “I need chocolate” gene and all too regularly suggests we whip up a batch of brownies. And all too regularly a suggestion is all the encouragement I need :)

We “whipped up” these chewy brownies last night, from a recipe she spotted in my Fine Cooking magazine. I love trying new brownie recipes and love it when I find one that moves to the front of the pack in terms of taste and texture. This is one of those recipes. These brownies have a rich chocolate taste and that lovely chewy brownie texture. Perfectly satisfying and perfect with a tall glass of milk.


We iced these with a quick, chocolate buttercream icing (made with cocoa) because the daughter likes her brownies iced. I told you she was bad for my waistline!

Adapted from a Fine Cooking recipe

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  1. Sorry Anonymous. I didn’t post it because I didn’t really measure anything when I made it. That said though, I’ve included a frosting recipe above as a guideline for a quick cocoa icing that doesn’t make too much.

  2. can you post the icing recipe too?

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