Downside Up Rhubarb Cake

rhubarb cake

We finally got out to harvest our Rhubarb. That’s the royal “we”. The DH actually did the harvesting part. But now it’s up to me to do the cooking part. I made a call for help for ideas on Twitter yesterday and ended up making a wonderful rhubarb and apple crisp for dinner last night (thanks Liz!). Today, I baked up another rhubarb treat. (I have lots of rhubarb!)

I spotted this cake on my travels around the internet recently. I was immediately intrigued by the mention of a secret ingredient. What was the secret? This cake has marshmallows in it! I knew right then and there that I’d just have to bake it.

The marshmallows gets tossed in with the diced rhubarb and sugar and are placed in the bottom of the pan. I didn’t have a pretty 9×9-inch pan, so I went with my deep-dish pie plate. A buttery cake batter is spooned on top of the rhubarb and marshmallows. The cake bakes for about 40 minutes (I left mine in a few extra minutes as it seemed a little pale in the middle, baking for about 43 minutes total).

rhubarb cake

The verdict? Delicious. Of course, you would never know there were marshmallows in there. And thinking on it, since I’ve made marshmallows, I know they are pretty much just gelatin and sugar, so they really just serve as extra sweetness and maybe some thickening of the sauce.

rhubarb cake

The original recipe (linked below) is for, and titled, an upside-down cake, meaning you turn the cake out after you bake it. I didn’t see any need to do that. Upside down or downside up, it still tastes just as good! (And one less dish to wash). Of course, feel free to upside down it, if you like.

rhubarb cake

If you’re looking for a rhubarb dessert, you’ll not go wrong with this one. Great on it’s own, or serve with some vanilla ice cream.

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  1. I love that the secret ingredient is marshmallows, and not beans or cauliflower purée.

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