Follow Up: New Kraft Keurig®* Compatible Pods

Kraft Keurig Compatible Coffee Pods

Back in June, I wrote about my experience trying Kraft Canada’s new line of Keurig®* Compatible Pods. As part of that post, ten Food & Family readers won the opportunity to try these new coffee pods in their own home, too, just by leaving a comment!

So for the past month, these 10 winners had the chance to try the NEW Kraft Canada Kraft Keurig®* Compatible Pods in their homes! Now, these winners have a chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card, just by letting us all know how they liked them in a comment below on this blog post. (**See rules below).

**Must have won and sampled the coffee awarded in the first blog post and must leave at least 1 comment by Thursday July 17, 2014 at 12pm EST to be entered in the draw. Additional comments will not increase chances of winning. Must provide full name originally used to enter the contest. NO PURCHASE NESSESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Winner will be randomly chosen. Winner must reside in Canada and be 18 years and over. The winner will be contacted on July 18, 2014 by 5pm EST.

As for me, back in June, my favourite brew was the Gevalia Keurig®* Compatible Pods and it still is. It is a rich (but never bitter), full-bodied cup of coffee, so it’s my choice for the perfect morning wake-me-up coffee. I’ve come to rely on it to get me going every day, so I’ve bought some more to make sure I never run out! When the weather turned hot and humid in late June, I tried it as iced coffee as well and it was delicious! It really hit the spot when a hot coffee wasn’t appealing.

Just a reminder though that the NEW Kraft Keurig®* Compatible Pods are available in Kraft’s top coffee brands including Maxwell House, Gevalia and Nabob and all of them are easily available at your local grocery store. If you haven’t had a chance to try the coffee, I’d encourage you to browse comments below to see how others have enjoyed it. Then visit the Kraft Canada website to enjoy $1 off Maxwell House, Gevalia and Nabob Keurig®* Compatible Pods and for more info.

*Works with Keurig® K-Cup® brewing systems. Not compatible with Keurig Vue® coffee makers. Keurig®, Keurig Vue®, and K-Cup® are registered trademarks of Keurig, Incorporated. Keurig, Incorporated is not affiliated with Kraft Canada Inc.

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Kraft Canada, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Kraft Canada.

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  1. I was unable to leave my comment until now. When I got the original email I couldn’t get the link on my phone to work and then for the last two days my hotmail account was blocked for some reason so I couldn’t find where to post my review. I was finally able to access the link. I was so thrilled to have received the pods to sample. Both my wife and I have tried them all. My wife is not a coffee drinker so it was good for her to try them. We tried each of them on different days. We spent the last couple weeks camping so it was great to bring our machine along and try these out – no muss or fuss. :)


    My wife liked this one the best – likely because it was the least bitter one. While she hasn’t been converted to a coffee drinker she liked this the best. She managed to finish the whole cup which says a lot.

    Maxwell House
    This was my favourite but I prefer rich dark coffees. I have almost finished the box!
    My wife had a sip and gave me the rest, which I didn’t mind.

    This wasn’t bad but it was just ok – it was like a regular cup of coffee that you would get most places. I think we will stick to the other two.

  2. I was very excited to try these three new coffee varieties. We love our Keurig and are always looking for new ones to add to our selection choice. My favourite of the three had to be the Gevalia. The taste was smooth, full bodied and just the right roast for my liking. I am definitely going to be buying the Gevalia! My number two choice would be the Maxwell House, I am not a big fan of dark roast so I was surprised when I actually liked the taste of it. It didn’t seem to have the bitter taste that a lot of the dark roast varieties have. It will also be one that we keep on hand. My least favourite was the Nabob, I actually found it to be bitter and left an after taste that I did not enjoy. Overall I am very impressed with these Keurig Compatible Pod and will be recommending them to friends and family.

  3. Gevalia Signature Blend: (Drinking one as I write this)

    For me this was the best out of the three. I’m not always a huge coffee fan so it was nice to enjoy the smooth taste. No twinge of bitterness going down or any of the expected bitter aftertaste. The smell was rather pleasant as well. To me it tasted very much like brewed coffee (rather than flavored), which is somewhat unique for K cups. Besides the initial taste the best thing about it is that the flavor is the same from the very first sip to the last.

    Maxwell House Dark Roast

    I don’t like the taste of dark roast coffees so I had my wife taste this. She said that it was very refreshing for dark roast not have that acid kick to it. She says the wonderful flavor is now her go to coffee when she gets up in the morning. It gets her day started like nothing else.

    Nabob Breakfast Blend

    I don’t know why but having “breakfast” in the name, I expected it to be light in color and soft on taste, it was neither. So I made a couple of cups and shared it with some friends. The consensus is that it’s not nearly a dark roast but neither is it smooth or free of bitterness. Although it was more than enough for me, my friends decided that this is more suited to the casual coffee drinker.

    As Brandee mentioned the ice, I thought I would give it a try, and indeed I think it makes a much better iced coffee. As a cold beverage I would definitely recommend it.

  4. Drinking pod coffee is relatively new for me, but I enjoy the convenience of making just one cup of the particular brew I desire. Thank you for the opportunity to try these 3 blends. I enjoyed the Nabob and Maxwell House blends, but I have to say Gevalia is the hands down favourite for me as I enjoy a smooth taste with a light richness. That’s what is so great – everyone can have their own perfect cup of java conveniently and quickly!

  5. I really enjoyed trying these Kraft Keurig pods. The first one I went through was the Nabob breakfast coffee. I prefer a light roast so this was perfect. The Gevalia was also very good and I was sad when I reached for the last pod in the box! The Maxwell House was also tasty and I liked having a cup in the afternoon when I needed a little boost. I would definitely purchase these pods for myself.

  6. Thank you for the chance to try the 3 coffee varieties. I really enjoyed all three types and I found each one was ideal for different times of the day.

    I usually have a cup of coffee with each meal. I drank the the Maxwell House Dark Roast with my breakfast (love a strong cup in the morning). I love darker roasts but usually skip on them because they are too bitter, but this one is perfect.

    The Gevalia was my lunch time coffee and if I had to pick a favourite it would be this one. It has a nice, smooth full body that I really like.

    The Nabob Breakfast Blend was the one I drank with my dinner. I found it pretty mild tasting and perfect for drinking with a larger meal to help me wind down my day. I found that one pretty relaxing to drink.

    So far I have repurchased the Maxwell House and the Gevalia and I will continue to do so. I’m grateful for the chance to try these out because I probably wouldn’t have otherwise, as they cost a bit more than my usual. These are really worth the extra though.

  7. I was so excited to receive the package of Kraft Keurig Compatible coffee pods. I opened it right away and popped a Nabob pod in my Keurig. It was delicious. The Nabob quickly became my favourite. It was rich in flavour and just strong enough to wake me up in the morning and keep me going. As the hot weather rolled in I discovered the perfect one for ice coffee. I brewed one cup of Maxwell House in the morning and popped it in the fridge. Mid morning I filled my glass with ice and I had the perfect ice coffee! It was deep and strong enough to make the perfect ice coffee! The Gevalia was perfect for an afternoon to sit and relax for a minute when my little one finally decided to nap. It has a light, mellow flavour which paired nicely with a sweet treat! A great selection of coffee pods! I’ve already printed off some coupons and picked up a few more boxes! :-)

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