Fresh Rhubarb Scones

rhubarb scones

I have such a love for rhubarb that I couldn’t let another season pass me by without one more recipe. I spotted this one on Food52 and knew it would be great (how can rhubarb and scones be bad?)

I made these in the food processor, as suggested as an option in the original recipe, but I think next time, I’ll mix them by hand. Maybe I over processed, but my rhubarb got pretty pulverized in the process and actually coloured the dough. The scones were still great, but I think I’d like to keep the rhubarb pieces bigger, as well as keeping a “whiter” scone.

No question the food processor was an easy way to make these scones, so if you’re wanting to take that route, rest assured that these rhubarb scones will still be great.

rhubarb scones

The original recipe on Food52 is called “Naughty Rhubarb Scones” – the naughty part referencing the heavy cream. Naughty or not, don’t skip the cream. Otherwise, it’s just a biscuit :)

Adapted from a Food52 recipe

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