Oatmeal Molasses Rolls

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122010F_441.JPG I spotted these rolls on Food52 earlier this year and had them in the “queue” for a while but finally got around to baking them when we had company for dinner recently.

The are wonderfully light but rich in flavour and were great warm, with butter. They would be a perfect addition to just about any meal.

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  1. I think I would start with a bit more molasses, Christine and maybe sub in a bit of whole wheat or multigrain flour, as well. Glad you enjoyed them! – Jen

  2. Hey! Made these after I saw the blog, they turned out very well, thank you! The whole family loved them and they were so fast! I was trying to remember my oat tutorial I had recently seen but couldn’t-luckily my sub of 1/4c large flake and 1/2c quick oats worked out! That said I wanted them deeper and darker tasting- do you think it would work out as well with rye flour or subing in some multigrain? Or perhaps more molasses?

  3. :) They would be perfect with soup, Katie!

  4. Ah! Rolls! Rolls! Rolls! That’s what I meant!

  5. These roles look so hearty and delicious. I’d love to have them with soup!

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