Perfect Pear Coffee Cake

Pear Coffee Cake

Pity the poor pear. They come into season right alongside the beautiful, shiny apples. And apples are so versatile and perfect for baking. How’s a pear to compete?

It’s time to show the pear some love and there’s no better way than to give them a place in this lovely coffee cake. The flavours are wonderful, from the nutmeg in the batter to the ginger in the topping. It’s Fall in coffee cake form.

The original recipe for this coffee cake called for a 9×13-inch baking pan. I decided to bake mine in an 8-inch springform pan, since I love a tall and round coffee cake. It had to bake a lot longer, obviously. I also should have put some foil on the top part way through to stop the nuts from getting too browned. You can bake in either, or a 10-inch springform if you like. Learn from my mistake though and do cover the top loosely with foil if after about 40 minutes of baking.

Adapted from a recipe

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  1. Hi Jen, made this cake yesterday for my family and it was devine. Just a silly question why is it called a coffee cake when there is no coffee in the recipe? Is it because it is one of the best ways to enjoy it with a lovely cup of coffee? I agree with the other comment, I also needed 85 minutes baking time.

    • Hi Lou and yes, it’s because it goes well with an afternoon (or after-dinner, I guess) cup of coffee. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I made this recipe today and it is absolutely delicious! I made it in an 8-inch spring form pan and found I needed to cook it for 85 minutes (65 mins stated in recipe), but it could be my oven temperature isn’t accurate. Definitely will make again – thank you for sharing!

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