Where to buy SAF Instant Yeast in Canada

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I am a huge fan of SAF instant yeast for my bread baking. It’s not all that easy to find in Canada though, so I’ve been ordering if from a supplier in the US via eBay. Good news for Canadians though! My favourite (Canadian) vanilla and baking supply store, Vanilla Food Company, has started selling SAF Red and Gold Instant Yeast.

I’ve ordered from this online store before and have had great service. They have flat rate shipping of $7.00 anywhere in Canada. I always stock up on vanilla, spices ,Callebaut chocolate from them, so now I can add instant yeast to the order.

(This is not an advertisement for Vanilla Food Company. I just love SAF yeast and thought my fellow Canadian bakers might like to know of a reliable and reputable place to buy it online in Canada.)

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  1. I just bought a package of saf-instant yeast at the Bulk Barn. The cost was 4.99. I have never used it before but never had any luck with the yeast that I have to proof. Wish me luck. Lol

    • Hi Karen, Yes, I noticed it at Bulk Barn recently, too. So much easier than mail order!! I love this stuff. I keep it in a container in my freezer, so it lasts a long time (it’s a big package). I hope it works out well for you. Let me know :)

    • Well Karen Dier? Did you have goodluck with the SAF instant yeast that you bought from Bulk Burn? Which store location did you buy it from (if it was from Toronto)? I have never used this brand before. Thanks in advance!

  2. Thanks Anna. It works out to be only .40 cents more to buy from this Canadian source, once shipping is factored in (and that doesn’t account for exchange rate). It’s nice to have options but all things being (almost) equal, I prefer to shop at home :)

  3. You’re welcome, Debbie. I just ordered some from this store myself about a month ago. Nice to have a Canadian source!

  4. I have been looking for this brand for years! I used to have a regular supply from a small flour mill in Lethbridge, AB (now closed)and am very happy to discover this site! Thank you so much.

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