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I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving already. It always seems to sneak up on me (every year I wish it was like one week later). It’s not though, so I’m in full-on Thanksgiving mode.

Believe it or not, this year, for the first year ever, I am not cooking a turkey. I’m doing a crown pork roast with a bread, herb and cranberry “stuffing”. I’m going to brine the roast in apple cider. The idea was inspired by a dinner menu and recipes in the most recent issue of Food & Drink (LCBO publication available in Ontario). I’ll do some potatoes, Brussel sprouts and carrots, along with the traditional pumpkin pie and fresh apple cider donuts. My sister is doing squash soup and salad. I have to admit, I’m kind of looking forward to a simpler meal. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

If you’re in full-on Thanksgiving mode and still haven’t finalized your menu, here’s some great recipes from Thanksgivings past that might help …

Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipe Ideas

Baked Brie – 8 Ways – baked brie is always perfect if you’re looking for a quick appetizer. Here’s 8 ways to do it up.

Goat Cheese, Mission Fig and Caramelized Onion Dip – love this dip and it’s quick and easy.

Goat Cheese and Pear Strudel Slices – a little more work, but lovely this time of year. An appetizer that is pretty and tasty.

Thanksgiving Soup Recipe Ideas

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup – possibly my favourite soup with roasted butternut squash and flavoured with a bit of maple syrup. It’s easy and can be made ahead and re-heated on the day.

Curried Roasted Carrot Soup – another great soup, that is only mildly spiced with curry, so it’s pretty kid-friendly. Can also be made ahead.

Curried Carrot and Parsnip Soup – carrots and parsnips, cooked with a bit of curry and chili spices.

Cream of Mushroom Soup – I love the flavours in this soup and it can be made in about 1/2 an hour!

Facing your First Turkey?

How to Roast a Turkey (and make the gravy and stuffing, too!) – a step-by-step how to, that will guide you through the process to a great turkey dinner.

Nice Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipe Ideas

Chopped Salad with Cranberries, Pecans, Bacon and Goat Cheese – I LOVE this salad, and if you don’t make it for Thanksgiving, I suggest you find room for it on a menu soon. Delicious!

Salad with Pears, Candied Pecans and Goat Cheese – similar to the last one, a little simpler though. Still delicious.

Simple Scalloped Potatoes – a simple potato side dish.

Roasted Autumn Vegetables with Maple Ginger Dressing – a really pretty Fall dish, perfect for Thanksgiving. The flavours are great. It’s fairly easy beyond the chopping, too.

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipe Ideas

Family Recipe Pumpkin Pie – My Mom’s pumpkin pie recipe, which is my favourite version. It has no cloves, so it’s not super spicy, just lovely, creamy pumpkin with Fall spices.

Maple Syrup Pie – if you aren’t a fan of pumpkin pie, try this one. It’s delicious and addictive!

Streusel Pumpkin Cake

Cranberry Vanilla Cake – something a little different, but still seasonal with the cranberries.

Individual Spiced Carrot Cakes – a nice dessert, a little spicier than a classic carrot cake and a pretty presentation for a formal dinner.

Apple Cake with Caramel Sauce – a lovely, little apple dessert. Quick and easy.

Pumpkin Layer Cake with Molasses Cream Cheese Icing – a classic layer cake, made moist with pumpkin. The icing is really nice.

Pumpkin Carrot Cake – another great cake option.

Muffins and Cupcakes Perfect for Thanksgiving

Classic Pumpkin Muffins – great to have on hand over the weekend, to grab or for breakfast.

Mini Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting – so cute and tasty. A nice treat to make for company.

Misc Recipes

Fall Leaf Sugar Cookies – a fun project to do with the kids over the long weekend.

Pumpkin Pie Latte – make one, take a deep breath, sip, enjoy, relax! :)

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